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2018 Testimonials

The 2018 CvCC took place at the Arsht Center in Miami on Nov 28-29.

Here are some interviews, followed by some photos.

Darrin Lindsay

Project Manager

Advanced Green Technologies

Miguel Pena

Lead, Quality Systems & Sustainability

Supply Chain Management, Royal Caribbean Cruises

Glen Hadwin

Sust Manager

City of Ft Lauderdale

Leisha John

Americas Director of Environmental Sustainability


Nathan Nissen

Principle Engineer


Emilio Tenuta

VP of Sustainability Ecolab

Sarah Harvey

Hyatt Hotels

Senior Sustainability Analyst

Elisa Juarez

Corporate Responsibility


Scott Martin

VP Sales

3Degrees (Gold Sponsor)

Nanette Lockwood

Global Director

Climate Policy and Advocacy

Ingersoll Rand

Aaron Stash


Environmental Strategy and Sustainability

United Airlines (Gold Sponsor)

Bill Schildt


Environmental Affairs


“The Climate Vs Climate Change Conference brings

together inspiring and leading executive speaker

that motivate a lively and strategic discussion that

pushes the pulse to find timely and innovative solutions for carbon reduction.”

Joanne Spigonardo

Initiative for Global Environmental Leadership

The Wharton School

University of Pennsylvania

“I felt like the content was really good and I learned a lot from the speakers.

What stood out the most were the keynote speakers or full presentations.

The event was very well organized and time was kept well.

Fantastic networking opportunities. I met so many wonderful people in this space that

I will stay connected with, so thank you!”

Maeve Tropf

Senior Analyst


I liked that the event was on target, on time.

I liked the intimate atmosphere, the sharing of ideas and most of all,

the commitment and honest intentions of the people in the room to make a difference.

The Miami and Adrienne Arsht Center locations were great.

Would love to attend again. Thank you for this amazing event!

Marcela Llinas

OLCDC Business Fund

Marketing, Training

and Business Development Specialist

On a scale of 1-10 I give it a 10.

Loved the intimate size. Content, speakers, guests were amazing.

Great collection of speakers – from inspirational to informative to technical.

The organization was perfect. Excellent opps for networking throughout the 2 days.

The cocktail hour on Tues was great too. Loved the idea of the treeplanting although I couldn’t attend. Nice touch!

Leisha John

Americas Director of Environmental Sustainability, EY

A pleasant surprise in that the conference concentrated

on solutions rather than on what’s wrong.

Dieter Kretschy


Green World Strategies

Intimate and powerful. A friendly atmosphere with a common goal.

Content with good with diverse speakers, enjoyed the candor from some speakers.

The networking was very good. I would definitely attend again.

Jarret David

Director of Sales

GreenCircle Certified

Companies vs Climate change provides the opportunity for organizations to gather,

in a more intimate environment, to discuss and share the various initiatives underway by companies

and their partners to take urgent action in the fight against climate change.

The content is timely and relevant and the passion is energizing!

I give it a 9 out of 10. I love the size of the event, the networking opportunities,

the community feel, and the variety of content.


Vice President Business Partnerships

Renewable Energy and Climate

3Degrees (Gold Sponsor)

Jason, Thanks again for hosting the conference. I very much enjoyed it.

Aaron Stash


Environmental Strategy and Sustainability

United Airlines (Gold Sponsor)

The Companies vs. Climate Change conference was beneficial because

it shows an inside look into what successful companies are doing to mitigate climate change and become more sustainable.

I though the content was great.

What stood out for me was how passionate everyone was about this issue.

Everything seemed organized and seamless. I made some great contacts which could bring future business

Darrin Lindsay

Project Managerr

Advanced Green Technologies

CVCC allows us to network with like-minded sustainability and climate resilience leaders

learn from and share innovative ideas and best practices.

It’s a great way to see what proactive companies are accomplishing to adapt to the changing climate.

I give it a 9 out of 10. The attendees were engaged and the presentations were very well done.

The roundtables were interesting.

Excellent opportunities to meet with the attendees during the meals and networking breaks.

Content was well prepared and diverse. Excellent networking and location.

Wayne Cobleigh

VP of Client Services

GZA (Gold Sponsor)

Excellent conference.

Peter A. Pavelic CEM


Energy Staff Engineer

Kohler Co.

HI Jason, thanks for organizing a great conference. Hope to see you at the next one!

Richard Watt,

Managing Director

Global Portfolio Management

Epoch Investment Partners, Inc.

The conference brought together an impressive group of sustainability leaders

who were not only the right people to bring to the stage because of their titles

and roles but also because of their quality public speaking skills. There were no monotone speakers.

No one using the stage to boost their own ego. Speakers were there to have a conversation with the audience

and to share what they’ve learned on the journey of improving the sustainability

and integrating climate solutions into their businesses.

Alexsandra Guerra

Director of Strategic Planning

Nori – Reversing Climate Change

This conference is an excellent way to learn about the sustainability challenges

and opportunities faced by the business community,

something that those of us in local government don’t hear about a lot.

It’s really important for us to hear the stories of sustainable business so that we can better

understand how to work with them and support their long-term presence in our communities.

Very well organized and very good speakers . Excellent networking.

Susannah Troner

Senior Resilience and Sustainability Coordinator

Miami Dade County

2017 Testimonials

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