Our list of 2018 event sponsors

Here is a list of our 2018 Sponsors & Exhibitors

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Brands & Partners


Brands & Partners


Co2logic is our Carbon Offsetting partner.
Events do not need to have a carbon footprint
Events such as conferences or conventions can be a major sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Air travel, ground transportation, electricity, air conditioning, meals and paper are just some of the ways that events contribute to climate change. This why, this year again, the organizers of CvCC are recognizing that events do not need to have a huge climate impact and, in fact, can play a positive role by becoming ‘CO2 neutral’

First, calculate and reduce your carbon footprint

Making an event ‘CO2 neutral’ is similar to making an organization ‘CO2 neutral’. The first step is to calculate the footprint of the event by identifying all sources of greenhouse gas emissions. Major emissions sources include travel to the host city, local transportation, energy consumed by the event venue and the preparation of the meals. Climate advisors CO2logic calculated the footprint. Last year the summit emitted 45 metric tons of CO2 equivalent, with 95% that was caused by air travel. The remaining emissions were mostly caused by the preparation of meals, while local transportation and energy consumed by the venue proved to be negligible.

Once all emissions sources associated with the event were identified, strategies for reducing these emissions were devised. By selecting a destination city that is served by many direct flights, our event already avoided several dozens of metric tons of CO2. The caterer also received instructions to increase the share of local and vegetarian ingredients.


Then, offset your emissions through a project that benefits the vulnerable groups

Once energy conservation and emission reduction strategies were implemented, emissions that cannot be further reduced are offset. To achieve ‘CO2 neutral’ status, CvCC is supporting a Gold Standard-certified project in Uganda that distributes efficient cooking stoves to reduce wood consumption. This helps to lower deforestation and reduce toxic fumes, while still enabling local families to have effective and functional cooking methods.


Finally, engage event participants to do their bit to protect our climate

By holding this low-carbon event the CvCC wants to raise awareness of climate change issues and actions that can be taken to reduce or offset greenhouse gas emissions. This is an opportunity to demonstrate our commitment to sustainability and to inspire participants.